11 September 2012

Another Internment

20 years ago this year saw another kind of internment in Ireland, very different to the one Northern Ireland came to know in the 1970s. A case known as the X case set a striking precedent, a young female was barred from exiting the country because she was believed to be on her way to get an abortion. This cartoon map commenting on the situation (below) was publish by the Irish Times originally in 1992 and reprinted by them earlier this year. The newspaper reports that marches and demonstrations against the ruling extended from Dublin to Irish embassies and consulates around the world. In the netherlands politicians spoke against this "gross violation of human rights." An Australian senator called the situation "barbarous." It lead the French press to question Ireland's membership of the EC.

Eventually, fear that the girl might take her own life was considered grounds enough to allow her to travel. Fallout from this decision reverberates on but 20 years later the judgement has not yet been legislated for.

In Northern Ireland abortion is not available either. However, as this cartoon map indicates, there is no fence along its shore stopping anyone traveling to Britain for an abortion.